Christa Wichterich





  • Gender-Based Violence of Economic Globalisation in Contemporary India. An Intersectional Approach to Gender and Violence, Paper read at the international conference, JNU, New Delhi, 22.09.2015

Key assumption of my contribution is that gendered violence as a manifestation of power, subordination and social control is intertwined with other forms of violence and domination as much as gender as social category of inequality is inseparable from other forms of inequality such as class/caste, race, or North-South, meaning neo-colonial or neo-imperialist forms of power relations and hierarchisation. ...mehr...

  • Freihandel bedroht Ernährungssicherung.Das Freihandelsabkommen zwischen der EU und Indien (2008), in: FIAN  ...mehr...
  •  Stree Shakti. Von der Stärke der Schwachen. Frauen in Indien, (1986) Bornheim